Mondo Agit Franchising-Partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Mondo Agit group!

The world of translation and interpreting is certainly a fascinating place. As with the majority of old institutions, its origins are largely unknown, but it can be assumed that the first written translations appeared at same time as writing itself and the subsequent interaction between people from different cultures and civilisations of the time.

Since then, translation has evolved substantially. Technology has become our irreplaceable ally, with computers and the Internet as our most emblematic tools, though translation has by no means lost its essence: to make our message available in an understandable and appropriate way to people of different languages and cultures. Although today this task has advanced automatic translation programs, which we can find everywhere for free on the internet, it is a job that is unlikely to be fully supplanted by a computer: to assure ourselves of this, all we have to do is translate a single phrase with one of these automatic translation programs.

In summary, technology is currently a great help for translators but in no case is it a serious threat to their trade, nor, by extension, to the translation business – at least until artificial intelligence is capable of doing everything that we humans do.

Below we present a brief SWOT analysis of our business, besides the aforementioned technological aspect.

SWOT analysis


  • We are an agency of recognised prestige, on the part of both clients and translators and interpreters.
  • We have a powerful website with a high number of daily visitors who look for and choose our services.
  • One of the broadest ranges of languages offered in the sector.
  • Wide variety of clients, which prevents us depending on the luck or misfortune of any client in particular.
  • An extensive database of translators and interpreters, which gives us flexibility and speed in the provision of our services, necessary to attend to the changing and urgent needs of all our clients.
  • High level of subject and sectoral specialisation.
  • We have a qualified, motivated and dedicated team.


  • Being a low capital-intensive business, it is very difficult to implement economies of scale and therefore to reduce production costs beyond labour costs.
  • Limited planning capacity regarding client demand.
  • Reduced trade margins.
  • Low valuation of the quality by some businesses in certain economic sectors.


  • Continual globalisation of the world economy with a slow but gradual decrease in barriers to the free circulation of capital and people, thereby increasing business between countries and people and, as a result, the need for translation and interpreting services.
  • High level of specialisation in translation and interpreting activity, especially technical, scientific, legal and financial translation, as well as simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.
  • Increase in searches for our services by means of the internet, thereby reducing advertising costs and increasing the possibility of reaching our target audience.


  • Current worldwide economic outlook.
  • Low-cost competitors from third countries.

About us

We at Mondo Agit have more than 8 years of know-how and presence in 6 European countries (including the five largest EU economies).
We have an extensive database of translators, certified translators and interpreters that lets us offer a very wide range of language varieties, as well as being able to adapt the quality, deadlines and prices to our clients’ different needs.

Our next challenge is to put into operation our ambitious territorial expansion plan, for which we are looking for entrepreneurial, serious and organised people, with the desire to become their own boss, an important commercial profile, and interest in languages in general and the world of translation and interpreting in particular.

What do we offer?

  • All the necessary support to start up and develop the branch by means of guidance in all areas related to business, commercial consultancy, project operations, marketing, fiscal and legal matters, among others.
  • Internal IT management programs, specialised for translation and interpretation agencies, as well as different translation programs.
  • Comprehensive coordination of all translation projects, guaranteeing quality and delivery within deadlines.
  • Continual training and guidance throughout our commercial relationship.
  • All appropriate direct clients through our website for the franchise’s area.

What do we need?

  • Partners with a distinguished commercial profile, initiative and the desire to grow as an entrepreneur.  People who are preferably from the world of translation and interpreting.
  • Seriousness and organisation are crucial for business. It is essential to comply with recommendations and guidelines, especially during start-up, as regards prices, quality, image and prestige.
  • The partner must use the trademarks and other distinctive signs, the know-how and the intellectual property rights granted by Mondo Agit exclusively for running the franchise.
  • Data and information from Mondo Agit, accessible upon signing the contract, must be kept secret.
  • Respect the exclusivity clauses.
  • Do not grant any third party the rights and obligations resulting from the agreement, except with consent from the franchiser.

Upon presenting your candidature as a representative of Mondo Agit, you will have the advantage that no entry fee will be necessary, nor a monthly royalty – that is, it will not cost anything, apart from the necessary resources to be able to carry out the work (computer, Windows, MS-Office, internet connection and landline).

Key information:

Company founded: 2005
Franchise founded: 2009
Own offices: 2
European franchises: 5
Total investment: Less than €1,000
Entry fee: €0
Royalty: €0
Contract duration: 2 years
Renewable: Yes
Financial support: No
Office size (square metres): 20m2 recommended minimum office space
Minimum workforce: No workforce requirements

If you are still interested and would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by any of the usual means: telephone, e-mail, letter or carrier pigeon. We will be delighted to help you in English, German or Spanish.

We look forward to hearing from you!